Through years of tutoring & teaching experience, I have honed the skills required for working with children and delivering tangible academic results. This page showcases my experiences in tutoring and many of the skills I acquired in each venture.

My most recent portfolio can also be reviewed on my homepage and LinkedIn.  

Teaching4Charity: Lead Teacher & Curriculum Author for JavaScript Fundamentals in MakeCode Arcade

Summer 2024

Teaching4Charity is a student-run organization based out of Livingston High School. As a teacher, I developed my curriculum & course from scratch and handled reaching out to parents and creating a culture with students. 

A sample of the course syllabus is available for review here: https://bit.ly/3VMbNnB

Interested in signing up for this course? Sign up here: https://bit.ly/3ziHyNj

Goldfish Swim School: Swim Instructor


At Goldfish Swim School, I am both a swim instructor & lifeguard. Here, I gained critical team-building skills as well as First Aid & CPR certifications. My teaching style grew to include parent communication as a way of building & working towards goals.

Turtle Back Zoo: Zoo Camps Volunteering

Summer 2023

As a volunteer as part of the Turtle Back Zoo's VolunTEEN program, I worked with students in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th grade. Through my understanding, I empowered the students to learn through the Zoo Camp curriculum.

Code Ninjas Summer Camps: Lead Camp Teacher

Summer 2022

At Code Ninjas during the summer, I taught Code Ninjas' Computer Science Summer Camps. In particular, I taught Minecraft MCreator & Makey Makey courses to students of various elementary school & middle school ages with quality & integrity. Each student received 1-on-1 attention where neccesary and fully processed all information shared in lectures.

Code Ninjas: Dojo Sensei


As part of the Code Ninjas DOJO experience, I acted as a "Sensei" and aided children through the discovery of the Code Ninjas Ciricculum. Children under my care and with my instruction were able to build complete understandings of the JavaScript concepts taught including control flow & data structures.